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ChainLeftist is launching Blood Journey, an upcoming dynamic NFT collection. 

Here’s what we know: 

  • Price: FREE

  • Supply: likely 300 NFTs (but still TBD)

  • Chain: Ethereum 

Our take

As the blockchain gobbles up more of the world’s economic activity, we’re destined to see infinite new ways that NFTs get tied to all sorts of onchain actions – think paying rent, betting on the Superbowl, owning X or Y, ordering an excessive amount of uber eats, etc. 

As long as the data is onchain, virtually any other project can reference it without needing permission. 

Another opportunity is connecting crypto art with real-life causes, upgrading the kind of political art that’s always been a mainstay in the trad scene but hasn’t shown up in NFTs to the same degree. 

Here’s a perfect example…

Meet ChainLeftist

He’s a curator and onchain experimentooor of the highest order, who has been covering the Gaza conflict recently and bringing awareness to the issue any way he can. 

Now he’s merging the two with an upcoming drop called Blood Journey

Blood Journey encourages political action in three ways: 

  1. Allowlist spots go to those who “speak up” about the Gaza conflict and call for a ceasefire on social media (holders of his earlier NFTs also get spots)

  2. Once on the list, you’re required to send one of three onchain messages (e.g. “Ceasefire NOW”) in order to mint

  3. The art itself evolves when a holder sends an onchain donation to Palestine Children's Relief Fund (visuals are also impacted by his earlier collection

That last point is particularly interesting. Buying political art as a show of solidarity is one thing, but unlocking utility or dynamic art through donations is a new level of aligned incentives I hadn’t quite seen before. 

Makes you wonder what else is possible: 

  • Auto-bulk-transferring mint proceeds to a cause (without needing to trust creators) 

  • Sending royalties as donations 

  • Airdropping NFTs to people who previously donated 

Bottom line 

A rare collection with meaningful real-world consequences and a sign of things to come. 


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