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Cyberkongz announced an upcoming Bitcoin collection called Prometheans that will be tied to a future memecoin. 

Here’s what we know:

  • Price: Free (airdrop for Cyberkongz and some Ordinals holders)

  • Supply: 21,000 inscriptions

  • Date: This week

  • Chain: Bitcoin

Prometheans is a “pre-rune” collection, meaning its main purpose is to receive an airdrop of a specific Rune (aka a Bitcoin memecoin) when the Runes standard goes live on April 20.

Our take 

It wasn’t long ago, O Dearly Beloved, when the NFT kids would only sit with other NFT kids, and the memecoiners had their own table on the other side of the cafeteria, and everyone generally minded their own business.

By the way, the memecoin table was always the most popular. Even during the 2021 NFT peak, a single memecoin could eclipse the volume of the entire NFT space.

For example, Opensea did $3 billion in monthly volume during their best month in 2021, while Doge did over $100 billion that same month. 

But now, as we predicted, the wall between them is crumbling before our very eyes. The tables are coming together and the chorus of Kumbaya My Lord Kumbaya can be heard throughout the halls.

It turns out the separation was flimsy at best. Although they move at different speeds, they’re just different flavors of onchain culture and are bets on the future attention of a creator or meme. 

You could also view this as NFTs bending the knee and realizing it’s much harder to win a shouting match on the internet when you only have 300 collectors going up against massive armies of incentivized micro-holders. 

However you look at it, things are changing fast. 

Take, for example, this proposal from Nouns to create a new $NOUNS token: 

This idea of NFT ←→ coin redemptions isn’t new, but the timing feels right and I imagine we’ll see similar ideas from other PFPs (there’s a separate coin showing up with Lil Based Nouns too). 

And then we have Cyberkongz, which never goes more than a few months without jumping on the latest meta (if I sound annoyed, it’s because I launched a project called Prometheans first, but c’est la vie).

This would make at least three PFP collections with upcoming Runes airdrops after Nodemonkes and Bitcoin Puppets, although it’s getting hard to keep track at this point. 

At least it’s free.

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