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Tamagotchi-influenced crypto founders are at it again with Pizza Pets, a fully onchain game on Bitcoin from popular ordinal PFPs Pizza Ninjas and MegaPunks.

Much like the classic Japanese game, the objective is to keep your pet alive by feeding it and keeping it happy. If your virtual critter should suffer an untimely death, it’s removed from the game and the collection (more on this in the game’s manifesto).

This makes the game an ephemeral spectacle that can never be played again after the last pet dies, which adds a certain “you had to be there” allure.

It will start with the pets (Ordinal inscriptions) being airdropped for free to holders of the above PFPs and other select partner communities.

Taking care of the pets using Bitcoin transactions could get pricey, so let’s hope that doesn’t get in the way of the experience.

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