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Ragmon: Nyang Kit





Mint date

May 28, 2024



Drop mechanic

1 $RON

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Picture this: It’s 2004 and you’re sleeping over at the house of your only friend with a gaming PC, the blaring sound of Linkin Park’s Faint occasionally interrupted by MSN Messenger notifications.

As boredom momentarily sets in, your friend opens up this strange fantasy game

Ragnarok Online, a Korean MMO that was big before World of Warcraft. It died a couple of years ago, but not before spawning offshoots that still operate today.

Now, the IP is launching on the Ronin network (the Axie Infinity chain) with Ragnarok: Monster World (a.k.a. Ragmon).

We’ve yet to see gameplay, but according to its whitepaper it’s supposed to be a card-based strategy game.

In terms of tokens, the roadmap mentions the classics: a PFP, a coin, and (you guessed it) land.

Their genesis mint, the Nyang Kits, will provide access to what comes next for the project, including the PFP, and are priced between 1 and 1,000 $RON ($3 to $3,000).

It reminds me of MapleStory, another early 2000’s Korean game IP gone web3. Although the fanbase for Ragnarok is substantially smaller, they still have a shot at hooking an audience here.

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