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BAYC artist is back

BAYC artist is back


Yung Cicero


Jun 07, 2024


  • Mint Date: Today
  • Supply: 2-Day Open Edition
  • Price: 0.0047 ETH
  • Chain: Ethereum (Base)
  • Link

The original Bored Apes designer, AllSeeingSeneca, launched this Base open edition earlier today, and it’s open to mint through the weekend.

It looked like the project would have multiple drops when I mentioned it earlier this week, but there’s just one (for now).

The art is a meme-riddled follow-up to Seneca’s million-dollar drop from November, Perils of Sēsē, one of the few big NFT sellouts that quarter.

And I think you’ll find at least one of your favorite crypto characters referenced in the more than 1,500 possible mint permutations – whether it be a dog wif hat, XCOPY, or just good old Pepe.

Onchain Summer open editions are killing it so far (like Emily Xie’s from two days ago), and this one’s got the right memegredients at an affordable price.

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ESCAPES by Tù.úk’z

  • Mint Date: June 13
  • Supply: TBD
  • Price: TBD
  • Chain: Ethereum (Mainnet)
  • Link

This Verse drop is one for the cozy maxxers in the chat, with soft ethereal landscapes that whisper “happy place in an alternate, palette-swapped universe” (also the title of my upcoming anime light novel).

Emergent art scene enjoyoors may already recognize this style from Tù.úk’z, a.k.a. Arthur Machado, a prolific artist whose work often combines AI, collage, and other methods, resulting in mellow worlds of color.

It’ll be the artist’s second Verse drop following his sellout of Isles of Alcina in March, and I bet collectors could show up again. Some key mint details are missing but I’ve tentatively…

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  • Mint Date: July
  • Supply: TBD
  • Price: TBD
  • Chain: TBD
  • Link

Oh, anime PFPs… it seems like every quarter we get a new one that hypes weebs and non-weebs alike.

And this drop from MONKEEMOTO could strike a chord thanks to its left-facing characters and emphasis on drip, with coats ranging from pretty normal to you’d only see this on

This fashion focus is a core part of the project — you can customize the base PFPs with different pieces of interchangeable clothing, which themselves are unique assets that will sell in quarterly booster pack drops.

FewoWorld tried something like this but had other issues hampering it.

Adidas cosigned MONKEEMOTO last year as part of its RESIDENCY program, and if it’s good enough for the three stripes, it’s good enough for me.

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