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A bizarre AI art museum just opened

Plus, Onchain Summer is back

A bizarre AI art museum just opened


Yung Cicero


Jun 03, 2024


  • Mint Date: Tomorrow
  • Supply: 69 (nice)
  • Price: €200 (~0.06 ETH)
  • Chain: Ethereum Mainnet
  • Link

A human-sized whale with legs, a giant cyborg elephant, and an eighteen-toed creature with two feet for a torso (at least one freaky mf is salivating at that last one).

Just some of the images your mind might conjure up an hour deep into a cough-syrup-fueled fever dream.

But due to practical and economic considerations, most artists can’t materialize such trippy concepts as physical art installations.

So Italian artist Scerbo is creating a digital space for them – UNREALIZED PROJECT – a collection depicting a fictitious museum that houses artists’ unresolved ideas, finally rendered through the faulty grace of AI.

The art is probably the oddest thing you’ll see today, and collectors seem to think it could be in a museum, seeing as almost half the collection is already sold out before the official release tomorrow.

✨ Added to Top 25 ✨

Onchain Summer

  • Mint Date: June-August
  • Supply: TBD
  • Price: TBD
  • Chain: Ethereum (Base)
  • Link

Our Most Devoted Readers will remember last year’s Onchain Summer, a very successful month-long event on Coinbase’s Base network with daily mints from crypto-native and traditional companies.

Well it turns out they’re bringing it back, starting today.

This time it’ll last three months — June will emphasize developer-focused programs which will bear fruit with drops in July and August.

In the meantime, keep an eye on these other mints happening on Base:

  • An official month-long free mint from Base itself, which started last Thursday and ties to a physical event in July (doesn’t hurt to mint it, in case something else comes from it)
  • An affordable pixel art collection from artist Amber Vittoria minting this Friday
  • Seven?! drops from AllSeeingSeneca (the original Bored Apes designer) happening sometime this week

And that’s just the start. We’ll probably come back to some of these drops and new ones soon. I’ll keep you posted 🫡


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