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New drop from a bestselling AI artist

New drop from a bestselling AI artist


Yung Cicero


Jul 08, 2024

Manufactured Transcendence by Alkan Avcıoğlu

  • Mint Date: July 15
  • Supply: 50
  • Price: 24-Hour Auction starting at $1
  • Chain: Ethereum (Mainnet)
  • Link

Following back-to-back sellouts of his last two collections (Overpopulated Symphonies on ETH in 2023 and Strata on Solana earlier this year), Turkish artist Alkan Avcıoğlu is back with a new drop for all AI art apologists out there, Manufactured Transcendence.

The art features a similar style to his previous works, with grand-scale, multilayered scenes creating intricate perspectives, almost resembling optical illusions.

This time it’s all about depicting massive crowds attending artificial (i.e. probably paid) spirituality conferences.

Your favorite instagram mental health guru who sells a new course every month might be getting called out here… in esoteric fashion.

The artist is on a multichain roll, it’s the third release in the popular In Spirit exhibition by the Verse and Tender platforms (which just saw two sellouts) and I just…like the art.

✨ Added to Top 25 ✨

Pepehaus by Movsum

  • Mint Date: Today
  • Supply: 21
  • Price: 0.15 ETH (Reserve price)
  • Chain: Ethereum (Mainnet)
  • Link

Tired of using good ole regular Pepe the Frog in your online memes? (how dare u)

If so, pseudonymous artist Movsum’s got you covered, as he reinvents the internet’s favorite amphibian with Pepehaus (apologies to the Axolotl community).

Pepe gets stretched and deconstructed into industrial, minimalist and geometric shapes in this Bauhaus-influenced collection.

It’s a big enough makeover to create plausible deniability if a buyer should end up ashamed of hanging art about the green frog in their dining room (how dare u), as most onlookers wouldn’t suspect that this is about Pepe (handsome squidward on the other hand…)

Batzdu’s Geometric Pepes saw incredible success with a similar idea, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some collector action for Pepehaus.

As a famous art critic once said: Where there is art, there is Pepe. (I’m the art critic).


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