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A rare classic meme suddenly appears

A rare classic meme suddenly appears


Yung Cicero


Jul 05, 2024

It's amazing that less than 1% of internet culture has moved onchain.

Despite all the money being thrown around in memecoins and NFTs, almost every video/image that has ever gone viral remains offchain in web2.

I have full conviction that we'll see a big migration in the coming years as crypto-natives feel more wealthy/comfortable buying these objects and as creators realize the opportunities in front of them.

Soon it'll be natural for every big content creator to mint their work.

But what about those objects that were a huge part of the culture before this phase kicked in?

We'll likely have two eras: one where online culture wasn't "ownable", and then suddenly, one where it was.

I've thought about this recently with "classic memes" — aka pieces of content that explode in popularity and organically lead to offshoots that refer back to them (you know one when you see one).

You might think there's an infinite number of these, but that's not really true

When you start filtering for memes that:

have survived a multi-year attention cycle

don't depend on copyrighted work (like spongebob memes)

and enough collectors would find valuable 

You'll see that the list is short, maybe hundreds at most. In other words, smaller than your average PFP community.

And only a handful join this list each year.

Then combine this with the fact that many of these are being lost to time — their creators unreachable, their origins unverifiable. This is true for memes, webcomics, classic youtube videos, vines, etc. And opportunities are permanently closing for some of these day by day.

So it's special when one makes it onchain with verified provenance and becomes "immortalized". 

Later I'll write more about the buyer perspective and why I think a small group of smart collectors have been scooping these up before everyone realizes how rare they are.

For now, I'm excited about a series of these objects that I'll be bringing to auction over the coming weeks, starting with today's Vibing Cat auction at 1 PM ET.

You've likely seen this one: a video of a white cat bobbing her head to music. The original creator Mick Lagi posted this on TikTok in 2020 and it quickly blew up across Twitch and other platforms with millions of views. 

It reminds me of those years after 2020 when we all went online a little more than before, and it seemed like this cat was everywhere then. 

Even more amazing is that Mick wasn't really a traditional creator shooting for virality, it just happened out of nowhere.

This will be a 72-hour auction that ends with a finale livestream on my X profile on Monday.

It’ll be fun to watch even if you don’t bid, see you there. 


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