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Solana’s very own Playboy magazine

Solana’s very own Playboy magazine


Yung Cicero


Jul 01, 2024

Monument by Hideki Tsukamoto

  • Mint Date: July 11
  • Supply: 128
  • Price: Dutch Auction - 5 ▶️ 0.1 ETH
  • Chain: Ethereum (Mainnet)
  • Link

Hideki Tsukamoto, the creator of Singularity (one of Art Blocks’s standout hits during the glorious degeneracy of the 2021 NFT bull run), has announced a new generative art collection, Monument.

It drops on The Disruptive Gallery’s platform, which last housed Matt DesLauriers’s sold-out collection Filigree in April.

Singularity captivated collectors with hypnotic depictions of black holes to the point of amassing over 5,000 ETH in traded volume.

Monument seems to be a spiritual follow-up, almost as if the black holes from Singularity burst with beams of color and light, or what I imagine happens inside an artist’s head the moment they get a concussion.

Rekindling an old flame?

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Anthropocene by Sheldrick

  • Mint Date: Today
  • Supply: 25
  • Price: 24-Hour Auction starting at $1
  • Chain: Ethereum (Mainnet)
  • Link

David Sheldrick, a London-based AI artist, is releasing a series of generative videos today titled Anthropocene.

The geological name refers to the human era on Earth, and the videos play into this, showing 30-second-long artificial timelapses of rapidly changing environments representing the (mostly negative) changes to the planet due to humans.

The speed at which these move is disorienting, but that’s the point, the message is not necessarily pleasant (though it’s all a bit ironic given the alarming amount of energy used to create these).

Sheldrick was the standout in Fellowship’s last PPP show, and this series is the second drop for the In Spirit exhibition by Verse and Tender, which just saw Emi Kusano sell out last month, so I reckon collectors will be watching.

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Blast Beeings

  • Mint Date: July 4
  • Supply: 1,000
  • Price: 0.15 ETH
  • Chain: Ethereum (Blast)
  • Link

While some might be a bit disillusioned with Blast following the token’s lack of up only after its airdrop, others continue experimenting on the chain, like pseudonymous artist bee with their upcoming collection, Blast Beeings.

It’s a derivative of the popular PFP mfers, done in the artist’s cartoony sketch style, previously seen in the sold-out Bitcoin Beeings and their work with Opepen.

Its main objective, however, is to farm that sweet sweet Blast yield which is why, like most other farms, the mint is fully refundable through Blastr (covered here).

These farms might be the crypto equivalent of the degenerate 4 AM slot machine hall at the casino, but at least in this case you’re getting a full PFP collection with your buy-in.


  • Mint Date: August 8
  • Supply: TBD
  • Price: TBD
  • Chain: Solana
  • Link

This is “a publication & leading online destination for degeneracy” by Jake Hillhouse (an internet personality known for Jackass-type stunts) and Steve McHugh (co-founder of the now defunct men’s magazine Shagmag, findable through bits of content here and there).

They revealed a mint date, but we’re still missing a lot of details. What we do know is that they seem to be going all in on everything your youth pastor would warn you about — crypto, sports betting, sex…

It’s like if Full Send fused with Playboy then connected to crypto.

Do crypto participants need something like that? Dubious.

Do crypto participants want something like that? Probably. Definitely.


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