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How is this still a thing?

Plus, an app with 50+ million users goes web3

How is this still a thing?


Yung Cicero


Jun 24, 2024

1897 Collection | inBetweeners x Juventus x Adidas

  • Mint Date: June 28
  • Supply: 1,897
  • Price: 0.14 - 0.99 ETH
  • Chain: Ethereum (Mainnet)
  • Link

Ah, beloved 2021… a time of crypto make-believe, sprinkled with grifty non-fungible promises from celebrities ranging from your favorite emo rapper to forgotten child stars.

And I wouldn’t blame you for throwing the Justin Bieber-backed inBetweeners PFP in that camp, with its 2021 animal cartoon art and down-only chart.

But unlike other celebrity-backed NFTs, inBetweeners is still pushing its IP with surprisingly big collabs.

They had Dolce & Gabbana physicals last year, and now they’re dropping Adidas x Juventus utility passes.

The mint on OpenSea will appeal primarily to fútbol (aka soccer) fans and will have three tiers offering merch, game tickets, access to parties, and a chance to win a Jeep.

I'm not huge on Juventus myself, but consider me impressed that Gianpiero D'Alessandro and co. keep getting these huge brand deals even during one of the quietest NFT seasons we've seen.

Also, Bieber appears to be a ride-or-die, still sporting the PFP on Twitter. That or he forgot his password after two years with no tweets.

OneFootball Club ID

  • Mint Date: TBD
  • Supply: Open Edition
  • Price: TBD
  • Chain: Ethereum (Base)
  • Link

Animoca Brands, the crypto company that never sleeps, has announced a new partnership with German company OneFootball, whose app has over 50M downloads on Google Play.

Now they’re opening up the One Football Club on Base, a gamified journey for fútbol fans who can earn rewards for interacting in the ecosystem.

The club will have its own system using the same technology as Moca IDs, enabling you to grab a NFT ID, should you be quick enough (you won’t). These IDs will probably be non-transferrable like in Mocaverse.

Maybe I’m influenced by all of the fútbol in the air this month, but I’ve tentatively…

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New Realities by INFINITEYAY

  • Mint Date: June 28
  • Supply: 300
  • Price: 0.05 ETH
  • Chain: Ethereum (Mainnet)
  • Link

A new BrainDrops collection is hitting the chain this week with New Realities.

From pseudonymous artist INFINITEYAY (active since 2022), their work has been collected by notable tastemakers like Claire Silver and co-signed by Beeple.

As far as visuals go, it’s a retro daydream of colorful AI fantasies, featuring miniature worlds bubbling up from worlds with perspectives that make my brain itch… in a good way (more sneak peeks here).

BrainDrops hasn’t been selling out recently, but the platform has taken the hint and halved pricing for this one, which will probably help.

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